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What is Haemodialysis?

A medical procedure to remove fluid and waste product from the blood and to correct electrolyte imbalance.

How is it performed?

  • The procedure is done by using a machine and a dialyser which is also known as an ‘artificial kidney’.
  • Patients need to do a minimum of 4 hours of treatment, 3 times a week at dialysis centre.
  • Patients required an arteriovenous fistula (AVF) creation or dialysis catheter to undergo this treatment.

Care and Treatment

  • Personalised care by our dedicated HD team.
  • Regular review by our Nephrologists
  • Availability of 24-hour emergency support
  • Dedicated Renal certified nurses
  • State-of-the-art haemodialysis equipment
  • Water treatment system using the latest technology
  • Pleasant, clean and conducive ambiance

Renal Dialysis Rates

DescriptionPrice Per Treatment
Haemodialysis treatment (Reused dialyser)RM200
Haemodialysis treatment (Single-use dialyser)RM230